Aura Systems Inc. was started in 1987 by four scientists and engineers and one marketing person.  The early focus was the application of electromagnetics and electro-optics for weapon systems in the air, land and sea. We developed :

  • A magnetic vibration isolation platform for the AMRAM missile.
  • A unique high force long stroke magnetic actuator for USN
  • A magnetic suspension for F16R (reconnaissance version of the F16 aircraft)
  • An advanced IR scene projector for USAF and USA.

The Company was also featured in “Aviation and Space Technology” for it's magnetic suspension for the Leap Program and was given the 4STAR award for STAR WAR programs SDIO.

Aura Systems Inc. grew from 4 engineers to a technical staff of over 300. By the mid 1990s the Company was organized into 4 operating divisions,: (i) AuraSound, (ii) Aura Industrial and Automotive, (iii) Aura Display and (iv) Newcom.  In 1997 Newcom was spun out as a separate public company. The development of the AuraGen started in 1994 with the first working proof-of-concept demonstration in 1996.  Starting in 1999 the Company focused all of its resources on the AuraGen (all other operations were sold and/or discontinued) and in early 2001 the first AC only 5,000 watts commercial units became available.   In late 2001, AC/DC units as well as an 8,000 watt unit were introduced.  In addition, mounting kits were developed for most models of GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles. The original founders left the Company in 2002 and from 2002 to 2005 the Company had a number of new management teams.  The Company filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in June 2005 and emerged under a plan of reorganization on February 1, 2006.

Since reorganization, the Company hasstarted to rebuild its technical, sales and marketing, customer service and administrative staff.  In addition, the Company introduced its 16,000 watts power system, numerous under-the-hood engine mounts as well as PTO and hydraulic interface options.   The Company was awarded the power system contract for the US Coast Guard 44-ft patrol boat, and numerous other defense related contracts directly from government agencies or subcontracts to major defense companies such as Lockheed, General Dynamics, SAIC and others. In addition to military and homeland security applications, the Company is aggressively pursuing commercial and industrial applications.  In late 2008/early 2009 the Company introduced and started to sell an all-electric refrigeration system for trucks powered by the Auragen.